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Typically referred to as Char or Charlátte, Charlotte loves spicy foods and spending time with family & friends. She is usually found listening to music, whether it be while working out, finishing a math problem, or daydreaming of White Rock Coffee.

40 Questions with Rachel Grabow

Video by Campbell Harris and Charlotte Rogers

40 Questions with the College Counselors

  Video by Charlotte Rogers and Kate Woodhouse

Hockaday Letter of Recommendation: Topo Chico

A classic Topo Chico drink in a retro glass bottle. The red and yellow logo displays an Aztec drinking from a magical spring, the Topo Chico spring, which is part of the legend behind...

Shoot, Score…A+

Allison Camp works in College Counseling as the seniors prepare their college applications.    Mentors are experienced and trusted advisers who guide their apprentices; coaches and teachers are both mentors to their students or...

To Post or Not to Post

It’s May 15, 2019, the day the Human Life Protection Act was passed, enacting a near-total ban on abortion in Alabama beginning in Nov. 2019. You’re at school when you check your phone to...

Hockaday’s FOURever Teachers

//PICTURED ABOVE: Ann Trenary, Lower School Teaching Assistant, helps a Primer student writing a letter. She shows her dedication to the students every day in class. After 23 years at Hockaday, Trenary will be...

PROCRASTINA- I Will Find a Title Later…

//PICTURED ABOVE: Those who procrastinate tend to use their phones, distracting themselves for the moment but hurting themselves in the long run. Procrastination. Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something; it is...