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Kate loves community service, softball and rom-coms. She is usually found watching TV or playing with her two dogs, a golden-doodle named Max and a golden retriever named Kash.

Every Trick for Acing Your Exams

I want to do well on my exams this year, but I don’t know where to start! How do I manage? I think that you have nothing to worry about on your exams. If...

Podcastology: ‘Ologies’ demonstrates art of making a great podcast

While on my trek from Plano to Hockaday and back every day, I like to fill my morning and afternoon commute with podcasts. However, it can be challenging to find a series you can...

Help… I’ve Caught a Case of Senioritis

Q: I am a second-semester senior, and I don’t do homework. I can’t make myself do it. I don’t think I can do any ever again. Please advise. Congratulations on making it to second...

Day in the Life of Kathy Fechtman

Story and Photos by Kate Woodhouse Photos from public domain

40 Questions with the College Counselors

  Video by Charlotte Rogers and Kate Woodhouse

When in Doubt, Cry It Out

Q: How do I deal with stress? The weeks before the end of the quarter, Thanksgiving and holiday break are stressful. With tests and papers in every subject packed into the two weeks before...

iSpy Something Informative

//PICTURED ABOVE: Tracy Walder, Upper School Spycraft Teacher, advises Isabel Chavez on details about her podcast about national security and foreign policy. Every morning, some Hockaday girls jump into the car and instinctively turn...

Questions for Kate: How to Handle Hoco

As St. Mark’s Homecoming quickly approaches, it can be hard to discern how to handle homecoming and the unique problems it presents. Here’s my advice on how to have the best homecoming experience possible....

40 Questions with Lisa Culbertson

Video by Eugene Seong and Kate Woodhouse

The Art of Applications

While walking through the Hockaday halls, one seldom hears Germanic opera in one room, a passionate monologue in a second and a mock dance audition in another. This was commonplace, however, at the first...