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Lea Whitley

Lea Whitley

Lea is a sophomore who you will most likely find at Flower Child eating avocado toast. She loves going to concerts, eating at ku, and of course, the lions.

Justin Bieber “Changes” Album Review

Video by Katherine Grace Estess and Lea Whitley

“Miss Americana” Review: Taylor’s Struggle with the Constraints of Fame

Taylor Swift’s new documentary “Miss Americana,” released on Jan. 23, sheds light on the prison and power of fame Swift has endured during her life-long music career. A quick disclaimer to everyone reading this:...

Gift Shop ‘Til You Drop: Stores offer unique selections for everyone on your list

The holiday season is right around the corner. Need a one-of-a-kind gift for a special someone? This December, try visiting these unique Dallas shops. For your artsy family member, check out Jade & Clover,...

Fourcast in the Kitchen: Holiday Food

Video by Maddie Stout and Lea Whitley

Craving good Greek food? Give CAVA a Chance. 

Walking along the row of busy shops at Legacy West, I stopped in front of a smaller eatery with the name CAVA spelled boldly on the awning. Having not heard much of this restaurant,...

Fourcast Goes to the State Fair: Food

Video by Maddie Stout and Lea Whitley

Post Plays It Safe

Post Malone: if you’ve turned on the radio or opened your Spotify account in the last two years, chances are you’ve heard the name. The four-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Grapevine, Texas racked up over...

A Little Wiser, A Lot More in Love 

//PICTURED ABOVE: Taylor poses behind a pastel backdrop that symbolizes the newfound happiness expressed in her album “Lover.” Taylor Swift released her seventh studio album, “Lover,” on Aug.  23, revealing a mature emotional honesty...

Staff Standoff: The Band is Back

The Jonas Brothers were pop icons of the 2000s. Recently they made a surprise comeback bringing the band back together and releasing new singles such as “Sucker.” Our staff debates whether the new Jonas...

Flower Child’s Recipe for Success

//PICTURED ABOVE: Flower Child’s attractive concept encourages happiness through healthy food. It’s a beautiful spring day and the air is warm. Lunchtime is quickly approaching, so you text one of your friends asking if...