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Olivia Garcia

Olivia Garcia

Olivia is a sophomore who loves ice cream and 2000s romcoms. She frequently plays Poptropica and hopes to complete all the islands.

Renewing Your License at 18: 2020 Edition

Spending hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles instead of at school feels like a waste of time, but often you don’t have a choice. You have to power through the complicated process if...

Virtuous Cycle of Recycling

//PICTURED ABOVE: Illustrated here are problems caused by improper recycling, such as air contamination and sea animal death. To educate students on proper recycling and prevent these types of issues, Hockaday is working on improving...

Hockaday Letter of Recommendation: Friendship Bracelets 

//PICTURED ABOVE: Here are some examples of the more complicated friendship bracelet patterns. I began going to camp the summer after fourth grade, and making friendship bracelets with my cabinmates was definitely a highlight...

Boarderline: Rollercoaster Rides

Story by Olivia Garcia Photo by Olivia Garcia and Eugene Seong