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Sometimes referred to as 30K Paige, Regan or just simply Pickle, Paige loves to ski, hike and 2k. She is usually found on Spotify, trying to recreate Tasty Videos or at Bachman Lake.

It’s 90 Degrees Somewhere

From the ashes of one of Dallas’ most iconic and mourned burger joints, rises another, like a blazing, swanky, succulent-filled phoenix. Although hot dogs, patties and Wiener Schnitzels aren’t on the menu this time,...

Twelve Million Viewers Agree

//PICTURED ABOVE: The Angel City Chorale performed during America’s Got Talent’s 13th Season, wowing the audience with their moving performance, awe-inspiring unity and Simon Cowell-approved song choices. Marian Higginbotham Niles ’62 was one member...

Staff Standoff: Big Brother or Big Data?

With the rise of Big Data—an expansive collection of data from digital platforms representing a source for ongoing discovery and analysis—this innovation has been turning some heads. Whether in your eyes it’s a potent...

Forget Texts, Say it with Flowers

Story by Paige Halverson Feature photo provided by Flickr.

Be the Revolution

If you enter Dr. Bennett’s classroom around 1:10 p.m. on an odd day, you might think you have stumbled across a rehearsal of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton. From mock congress meetings to fiery debates over...

“Stepping” into the Portal

//PICTURED ABOVE: Views editor Emily Wu, copy editor Ponette Kim and managing editor Paige Halveson ‘Tis the season, but Christmas presents are not the only surprises seniors will be getting during this time of...

Perfection is just a Procedure Away

Humans, by nature are inherently visual beings.Arguably, what appeases the eye appeases the soul. At least, that is what some patients aim for when they decide to go under the knife, shelling out thousands...

Fourcast Tasty: Hot Chocolate Spoons

‘Tis the season! The Fourcast presents the perfect chocolate seasonal treat, from our table to yours. Video by Paige Halverson