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Shreya is in a committed relationship with food and would like to be Meredith Grey when she grows up.

“Long” Way to Broadway

  If, by chance, you were in New York City’s East Village on March 2, you would have seen a very familiar headline on The Kraine Theater. The name of Hockaday’s beloved History of...

Meet the New Student Council!

Ahead of the installation, get to know the new members of Stuco 2017-18! We asked them what they want to accomplish next year and for one fun fact about themselves. Photo Credits: Shreya Gunukula...

In Focus Episode 5: The Handshake

In our most moving issue yet, our staff investigates the mark of professionalism: the handshake. Video edited by Shreya Gunukula. Be sure to watch in 1080p HD! (happy april fool’s day!!)

Fit Foodies Ep. 2: Toast Em Dry

Happy Toasting!! Filmed and Edited by Shreya Gunukula and Aurelia Han.

CitySlicker: Long Weekend Life

Beginning with an early release on Friday, Feb. 10, students will embark on their three day winter break, a well-deserved vacation before the exam’s frenzy. From must-go events to fun excursions and workout activities,...

“Who Run the World”

Business Casual: The Art of Company Social Media

Hello, my name is (insert name here). How may I help you? It’s the standard formula for basic customer service etiquette. Usually, you state your problem over the phone, and the representatives either help...

In Focus Episode 4: Caught in the Political Crossfire

While President Trump’s executive order placed a blanket ban on refugees from 7 countries, The Fourcast investigated individual stories about refugees and their struggle to survive. In this episode, we meet Mu, a high...

One Hockaday: Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! As we mark the 31st year of celebrating the historic civil rights activist who, among many achievements, advanced the African-American civil rights movements through nonviolent protests and Alabama...

The Final “Thanks, Obama”

The election is long over, but it seemed as if President Obama was back on the campaign trail as he gave his final farewell address on Jan. 10, 2017. This time, however, he wasn’t...