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Shreya is in a committed relationship with food and would like to be Meredith Grey when she grows up.

Hip Hop Tops the Charts

PICTURED ABOVE: Each circle represents a song that made the Billboard Top 100 list. The size of the circle is proportional to the number of weeks a song was on the Billboard Top 100,...

40 Questions with Mr. Penney

To read about Mr. Penney, click here. Video by Shreya Gunukula – Views Editor

Nifty and Thrifty Reuses for The Fourcast

  Graphic by Shreya Gunukula – Views Editor

Balancing Act

In a way, the concept of of balanced news stems from the popularity of President Donald Trump’s favorite insult: Fake News. The new president has taken up a habit of deeming highly esteemed journalism...

In Focus Episode 7: Out of Reach

The Fourcast tackles the issue of food insecurity in Dallas and talks about a company that’s working to change the produce market for the better: Bonton Farms. Video filmed and edited by Shreya Gunukula

Staff Standoff: Should Celebrities Get Involved with Politics?

Yes, Celebrities Should Get Involved By Shreya Gunukula The concept of fame is an enigma that captures millions of people around the world. Fixated on every movement of humans deemed celebrities by mainstream culture,...

“Long” Way to Broadway

  If, by chance, you were in New York City’s East Village on March 2, you would have seen a very familiar headline on The Kraine Theater. The name of Hockaday’s beloved History of...

Meet the New Student Council!

Ahead of the installation, get to know the new members of Stuco 2017-18! We asked them what they want to accomplish next year and for one fun fact about themselves. Photo Credits: Shreya Gunukula...

In Focus Episode 5: The Handshake

In our most moving issue yet, our staff investigates the mark of professionalism: the handshake. Video edited by Shreya Gunukula. Be sure to watch in 1080p HD! (happy april fool’s day!!)

Fit Foodies Ep. 2: Toast Em Dry

Happy Toasting!! Filmed and Edited by Shreya Gunukula and Aurelia Han.