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Commonly confused with Beyonce, Sasha enjoys living her double life: typical Hockadaisy by day, popstar by night (like Hannah Montana but better). Some of her favorite dance moves include the Funky Monkey, the Sprinkler, and, of course, the Beez Kneez.

Taking a Stab at Victory

Sabre gripped tightly in her hand, Diana Piovanetti tunes out loud cheers circulating through the gym and directs her focus to the opponent standing high in front of her. Laser focus is a key...

Catwalk for Charity: Fashion show moves to larger venue at Statler Hotel

//PICTURED ABOVE: Fashion show co-chairs Zoe Cote and Inez Johnson, center, with models Suha Irfan, class of ’21, and McCall Verska, class of ’30, at a promotional photoshoot at D magazine. On March 29,...

Fourcast Tasty: After School Snacks

Video by Sasha Schwimmer

Popcorn Out: “Knives Out” puts the fun in ‘whodunit’ films

Seated shoulder to shoulder, viewers gathered in Angelika Theater to watch the premiere of “Knives Out.” I was unbothered by the continual crunching of popcorn from the large crowd because the attention-grabbing movie kept...

Hockaday Letter of Recommendation: Sweatpants

Sweatpants are not only comfortable but keep you warm. It was a Saturday night and I had plans to go out, but was already exhausted from a long day. Not in the mood to...

Dive into the Limitless Music: Austin City Limits

For two weekends every year, the Austin City Limits music festival features a diverse lineup of more than 125 performances across eight stages.  Sophomore Katherine Swango, who attended this year’s event, said it makes...

The Seniors Prepare to Say Farewell

//PICTURED ABOVE: The Class of 2018 smiles after a fun Senior Splash Day. Senior Splash Day, a tradition for soon-to-be graduating seniors, unites the upper school body for a cool water gun shower under...