In Focus Episode 7: Out of Reach

The Fourcast tackles the issue of food insecurity in Dallas and talks about a company that’s working to change the produce market for the better: Bonton Farms. Video filmed and edited by Shreya Gunukula

ArtsCast Episode 12: The Art of the Hockaday Graduation Hat

As Saturday evening and the 103rd Commencement quickly approaches, members of the Class of 2017 are making final preparations for their big day. Visiting a local flower shop, Dr. Delphinium, ArtsCast explores what it...

HockaDance Assembly Spring 2017

Hockaday’s five dance companies performed their student choreographed dances in the Nancy A. Nasher and David J. Haemisegger Theater on April 24. If you missed it, or just can’t go a day without Hockadance…take...

ArtsCast Episode 11: The Art of Fine Dining

In this episode of ArtsCast, The Fourcast goes behind the scenes of Fearing’s Restaurant, an upscale, fine dining experience at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas, TX. We talk to the Ritz Carlton’s Marketing Communications...

In Focus Episode 5: The Handshake

In our most moving issue yet, our staff investigates the mark of professionalism: the handshake. Video edited by Shreya Gunukula. Be sure to watch in 1080p HD! (happy april fool’s day!!)

Fit Foodies Ep. 2: Toast Em Dry

Happy Toasting!! Filmed and Edited by Shreya Gunukula and Aurelia Han.

The Hockaday Residence Department: The Best Boarding Ever

Directed by Seniors Heidi Kim and Aleena Dewji, the Hockaday Boarding Department created a fun video introducing the Upper School to the boarding department.

Don’t Go Dissecting My Heart: Anatomy Dissection

Read the full story here. Cheryl Hao – Asst. Web Editor

Black History Month at Hockaday

Students from the Upper School share their thoughts on Black History Month. – Emily Fuller – Asst. Castoff Editor –

The Amazing Race: Hockaday Boarding Edition

On Jan. 16, the Hockaday Residence Department set off on their annual Amazing Race, each hall looking to be the first to make it to the final mystery destination. The students were split up...