It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a Baby!


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It’s no secret that science teachers Katie Croft and Brandi Finazzo are close friends. They go to lunch together, they send their daughters to ballet classes together and now, they’re pregnant together.

Croft is 21 weeks along, and Finazz is 15 weeks along, only six weeks apart.

Croft is pregnant with a baby girl, while Finazz has chosen to keep the sex of her baby a surprise. In fact, the only people who know the sex of Finazzo’s baby are her doctor, Croft and science teacher Barbara Fishel.

The big reveal for Finazzo’s baby will take place on September 26th when her husband’s family comes into town, but until then, it will remain a mystery to them.

The Croft and Finazz households are filled with anticipation as they await the arrival of the new babies, but the two people who are the most excited are Emma and Ava, Croft and Finazzo’s daughters, respectively.

Finazzo’s daughter Ava has randomly started rubbing her mom’s stomach, and in an attempt to further connect with her future sibling, she has even tried to read books to him/her.

“She knows something is going on, she knows it’s going to be a little person, but she really flips between whether or not she thinks it will be a boy or a girl,” Finazzo stated. According to Finazzo, eighty percent of the time Ava hopes the new baby will be a girl, but the other twenty percent of the time she wants it to be a boy.

Although Finazz’s family doesn’t know the sex of their child, Ava believes that the baby’s name should be “Mo”. Meanwhile, Emma has told Croft that a good name for her new baby sister is “Tutu”.

Although Croft and Finazz have been pregnant before, things are different this time around. Both have been experiencing severe morning and evening sickness. As far as cravings go, Croft has also been craving heavy carbs and sweets, specifically ice cream, while Finazzo’s go-to is chocolate milk.

Since this will be baby number two for both Croft and Finazz the two have been fairly relaxed as far as preparing for the baby goes. “This time around during my last pregnacy, I definitely had made an entire registry, I had plans for the nursery…like it’s definitely different with your second one,” Croft said. Because she already owns most of the stuff needed for her new baby, Croft hasn’t been too worried.

Croft’s biggest concern at the moment is transitioning Emma into a toddler bed and out of diapers before the arrival of the new baby.

Last pregnancy, Finazz had Ava’s baby clothes and nursery set up about a month ahead of time. “I would go to her room and sometimes sort her clothes by color, or sometimes by season. Yeah, I don’t have any thoughts of doing that this time around,” Finazz stated.

Meanwhile, English teacher Jennifer McEachern is 25 weeks along and is very excited to become a mother for the first time. Unlike Finazz, McEachern did not want any surprises regarding the sex of her baby. “I’m having a boy, I found out as soon as I could because I don’t want any surprises,” McEachern stated. Known for being extremely organized, there was no way she was going to consider waiting to find out.

During her pregnancy, McEachern has been craving gummy bears as well as sugary sweets, which she normally isn’t very into. McEachern and her husband are both slowly getting ready for their new baby at home. “We have an empty room in the back of our house where we put up eight paint swatches on the wall and we have a crib in a box,” she said.