Daisy in the Arts – Grace Voorheis


Junior Grace Voorheis is a photographer who won second place in a photo contest held by The Dallas Arboretum last year. Here’s what she has to say about her art.

What do you look for when taking a photo?

I would look for something that’s aesthetically pretty. It’s hard to photograph something that’s ugly. Most of the time it’s just whatever catches your eye. I do a lot of nature photography and architecture photography. I hate photographing people because I think it’s hard to tell people what to do. Unless it’s a professional model, they always ask, “How do I pose?” And it’s uncomfortable to boss them around.

What inspired you to start photography?

My litte brother’s teacher when I lived in Costa Rica. She started a photography club and I thought, “Oh, I’ll just sign up for kicks,” and then I actually really liked it. I was in the sixth grade.

How has Hockaday helped you with your photography?

If I wasn’t taking photography as a class, I would have dropped it a long time ago, because it’s hard to keep up with it when you’re so busy. But to have it as a class and have assignments you have to keep up with has forced me to stay with it and take photos that I normally wouldn’t have.