Hockaday Travels Down the Rabbit Hole


The Class of 2016 transformed the halls into Alice in Wonderland.

Seniors sported crazy cat masks and caterpillar costumes today, while teachers, dressed as red card soldiers, ushered students “down the rabbit hole.” Form IV successfully transformed the halls of Upper School into a creepy Alice and Wonderland that both amazed and frightened faculty and students.

“I think [the seniors] did a really good job with the theme in trying to make it spooky and creepy because Alice in Wonderland is a little creepy,” Upper School math teacher Karen Sanchez said. “But, they took it to the next step.”

Form IV placed seniors Grace Warner, Emily Routman and Sadie Lidji in charge of Halloween decorations.

With many other themes such as The Hunger Games and The Purge rejected, the senior class “started to think about Disney themes and fairy tales in general,” Warner said. “We thought Alice in Wonderland was [a theme] we could develop further.”

Starting at 4 p.m. on October 29, the senior class stayed at school to decorate halls with hanging bones, tea sets and flamingoes.

In the freshman hallway, one could find Mr. Benedetto, playing the mad hatter, running at freshmen and shouting the infamous quote, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

Meanwhile, wearing gigantic rabbit heads and other masks, seniors approached underclassmen while asking random questions.

“I really liked the theme of Alice and Wonderland and the decorations,” freshman Cormick Stockham said. According to Stockham, one freshman even started to cry.

Past the corner at the end of the freshman hallway, the seniors successfully transformed their hall into the red queen’s palace. Keep walking and one would find senior Erin Thomas, dressed as the King of Hearts, creepily staring at all passers-by.

Upstairs, the seniors played out the memorable tea party scene with fine china in the junior hallway.

Both Halloween committee chairs Routman and Warner really liked the finished product of the entrance and the senior hallway. 

“The seniors did a terrific job this year,” Stockham said. “For my first high school Halloween, I was definitely impressed.”

– Maria Harrison – Asst. Perspectives Editor