School Spreads Spirit for SPC


Juniors Hannah Sun, Jenny Zhu and Abigail Spencer during tacky tourist dress day Photos by Amelia Brown/The Fourcast

The whole school gathered in Penson Gym, waving their green and white pom-poms to the beat of “We sol-ute you E-la Hock-a-day,” sung by a handful of lower school students in high-pitched and energetic voices. The spirit in the crowd spiked when Tina Slinker, head of the athletics department, encouraged the crowd to chant the school’s colors, sending athletes off to their competitions at SPC with high spirits.

A business casual dress day kicked off this year’s fall spirit week on Monday. Students lined the halls in pant suits and struggled to walk in their mother’s’ high heels or see through their father’s’ professional looking reading glasses. The seniors were awarded first place for overall participation and creativity because of their enthusiasm and the unique outfits they put together. Senior Ilana Perkins, varsity field hockey captain, said that themed free dress days are her favorite part of spirit week.

“We really want to go into SPC with a positive mentality and high energy, so I think spirit week only adds to that,” Perkins said.

On Tuesday, Lower, Middle, and Upper school squeezed into Penson Gym accessorized in green and white for the spirit rally. Athletes marched in with their teams, holding brightly colored banners for their sports and sitting in chairs with green and white balloons tied to them. Senior Kate Yager, member of the Athletic Board and the varsity volleyball team, worked with the rest of the board to find a time when the whole school could show their spirit together.

“It’s really nice to be recognized as an athlete for how much work you put into it,” Yager said.

After hearing from the captain of each fall sport team, the Athletic Board put together a life-size version of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Teachers and student alike scooted on their stomachs towards a pile of balloons, which they collected with empty buckets in place of hippo snouts. After this competition, Slinker spoke to the school, leaving them in an energized and spirited mood.

“It’s very inspiring to have the whole school there to support you for the efforts you have made throughout the season and now going into the championship,” Slinker said.

After the pep rally, Upper School students and faculty headed to the cafeteria, where Head of Upper School Terry Murray helped out with more games such as hangman and charades.

Student Council also planned for a tacky tourist dress day on Thursday. The Hockaday halls could have easily been mistaken for a destination vacation spot with all the leys, fanny packs and floral shirts students wore. During lunch, Student Council led a game of teacher trivia, with questions like “can you guess which teacher has eaten spaghetti out of the Stanley Cup trophy?”

To end off the week, Friday was a free dress day with no specific theme. At lunch, students brought their best dance moves, battling other forms for first place in the dance competition. Finally to end the week on a high note, Student Council announced the raffle ticket winners, which students had acquired throughout the week for participating in various activities.

As athletes head into their SPC competitions, the encouragement from this week will remind them that the whole school will be cheering them on whether on the sidelines or in spirit.

Perkins said, “Anything to boost excitement for SPC really help the teams out.”

– Amelia Brown – Asst. Sports and Health Editor –