Graphic by Jenny Zhu/The Fourcast

High Speed Camera

The Science Department recently purchased a highspeed color camera and a high-speed black and white camera from Edgertronic, a high-speed camera manufacturing company. The cameras are used in physics classes to examine forces and kinematics in labs, allowing students to look at frame-by-frame pictures of motion more accurately. Science Department Head Marshall Bartlett said, “We are also excited to explore their use in other areas of our curriculum and to get students using them to capture in slow motion events they are interested in.”


This year the G3 (Girls. Giving. Global.) Club is introducing a hydroponics system to the Green Lab. A hydroponics gardening system allows for “soilless” growth of plants, which has many advantages: greater plant yield, faster growth rate, fewer infestations of bugs or fungus and much more.

MS Service Project

Director of Service Laura Day started a new community service project this year in order to bring community service to the Middle School, specifically fifth and sixth graders. The project, which is optional, involves a field trip on Saturdays. The fifth graders went to Bonton Farms, a farm and food oasis where they spread mulch all over the plants. The sixth graders will help with the Trinity River cleanup. Both of these projects tie into what they are learning in their science classes: “Fifth grade is earth and sixth grade is water, so that’s the connection,” Day said.

SPC Tournaments

SPC started yesterday and will continue through Saturday. It is being held for the first time in Austin. Fall SPC sports include volleyball, field hockey and cross country.