Sincerely, Senior: Putting U in EdUcation


Long before I learned of Hockaday or stressed over SAT scores and GPAs, my parents had dreamed of giving me an education.

They often tell me that of all the gifts they could’ve given me, they picked an education, because it is the one gift that keeps on giving. And, when I see the genuine looks on their faces, I know that they wholeheartedly believed a Hockaday education would give me control of my life, and I know that many other parents have shared and still share this dream – This reason alone is why we must appreciate Parent Pop-In Day.

None of us would be at this school if our parents or someone in our lives had not inspired us with a desire for an education. Once a year, we get a day to pay our thanks and allow our parents a look into our education.

We often discuss how our teachers behave differently on Parent Pop-In Day than they do usually. Perhaps everyone just wants to be their best selves for this special event. The teachers want to teach their most intriguing lesson, the students want to sound like their most intellectual selves, and the parents want to get an accurate view of their children’s daily lives.

Our parents took a risk on us when we just little mess-makers and they chose to make an investment. They have spent their money, given their time to help with elementary school projects, and cheered for us every step of the way. So, even if they care a little more than we would like at times, or ask us repeatedly our plans for the future, it is okay. They are simply excited to see the infinite returns on their investment.

For one day a year, let us share a piece of our daily academic lives with our parents. They once had a dream to educate their children, and now we have a dream to be educated. We get so caught up in the stresses of our daily lives, but maybe for one day we can just enjoy this commonality—our education.

Sincerely, Senior is a column focusing on senior experiences and is written weekly by Castoff Editor Austria Arnold.