Abby Fuller: Day in the Life at CITYTerm


Photo provided by Abby Fuller

A Typical Day in the Life of Abby Fuller

General Information about CITYTerm Rules and Life, by Abby Fuller

One staff member is always on Duty, which is fun because they hang out with us that night. It can be helpful for homework questions but also nice just to have someone you can talk to and hangout with. Because of this, we get to know our teachers better. We also call them by their first names, which I really appreciate and enjoy because we see them as people and not scary-authoritative.

We have check in at 10 p.m., which means we have to be in the dorm by then.

We have to be on our floors by 11 p.m. It is hard when one roommate wants to go to bed, and the other still has homework, but it teaches you how to live with a roommate and get along with people that you see 24/7.

*On the days that we go into The City, we have CITYblock before lunch, where we debrief the plan and what we will be doing. Because CITYterm teachers use Experience-Based Learning, the city trips are a part of class and are during the school day. We take the train into the city, which is normally a 40-minute ride. I love the train ride, because it is a good place to do homework or hang out with people. It also looks out onto the Hudson River, which is beautiful.

We can plan our own trips on the weekend and sign out after class. I love the amount of trust the faculty has in us, and I think that trust translates into a greater respect for them. In the City, my friends and I have gotten to do some really fun things. Almost every weekend, we pick a random neighborhood and walk around until we find a cool restaurant and then explore the area. My favorite thing I’ve done so far has been walking from the tip to the tail of Manhattan one Sunday. It was about 18 miles and took almost all day, but it was honestly one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Mary Claire Wilson- Sports and Health Editor