Running on Veggies: Do’s and Dont’s of Asking about Veganism


Though this is not to say my opinions represent those of all other vegans and vegetarians at Hockaday, I have compiled a guide of good questions to ask vegans, along with some questions that maybe you shouldn’t ask.

Do Ask:

1. Why are you vegan? What made you become vegan?

For my answer to this question, visit my first blog post here.

2. Does the cafeteria have anything you can eat?

Yes, all thanks to the wonderful Hockaday food services staff!

Personally, I feel like I have many great options to choose from and that I always have plenty to eat everyday. Thanks to the soy milk by the salad bar, I am able to fill up with chocolate soy milk instead of frozen yogurt, which also has a double value in that it provides me with more nutritious value. Hockaday staff members also have done great job of labeling vegan items on their lunch menu with the yellow vegan tag. The only exception? The brunch menu on Oct. 23, 2015. 

Where can you go out to eat? Is it difficult to find things to eat?

I can honestly go to eat anywhere. If my friends and I were to go to chick-fil-a or whataburger, I would not have a problem. I probably would order large fries and a lemonade.There is something to eat everywhere, and luckily I can always eat at home!

(Please) Don’t Ask:

1. Are you sure that is vegan? Aren’t you vegan, why are you eating that? You sure that doesn’t this have animal product? Just call yourself a vegetarian if you are going to eat that.

I admit, there are times when I accidentally eat something non-vegan.

However, I honestly hate hearing this during those times, because I believe I am trying my best to do something good to the world by refraining from eating animal products, so when people try to correct me on how I eat vegan, all I hear is I am not ‘good’ enough at it.

I believe that those who aren’t vegans themselves may not have the authority to tell me how to be a ‘better vegan’. I am not judging you about your lifestyle, so please do not judge mine.

For some being a vegetarian is their happy equilibrium. Mine is eating certain baked goods every once in awhile in order to keep this lifestyle forever. Not to say I do not prefer vegan sweets, it is just more convenient.

2. Humans are suffering as well, why do you care more about the animals?

Half the reason I am a vegan is to save the world’s grain crop and natural resources needed to produce animal protein, so I can assure you my love for the human race is there, I promise. My love for the environment and preserving it stems from my want for a beautiful earth for years to come (for humans). I respect all that are trying to do right by the world and this is my way that I believe is just as valid.

3. How long are you going to do this? You are STILL a vegan?!

I do not quit, and I probably will not quit. Do not expect it of me.


Commentaries are the expressed opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect that of The Fourcast staff, its adviser or any member of the Hockaday community.