A Sense of Cheer All Year


Salvation Army bells, friends and family and sitting around a fire: all bring holiday cheer during this time of year. The weather gets colder as we bundle up to sing carols and spend time with loved ones. Everything about this time of year seems to makes us in a better mood and in the spirit of giving.

But what makes us so inclined to have this attitude especially this time of year? Shouldn’t we always be in this spirit of kindness?

With the hustle bustle of the holiday season comes a sense of gratefulness. Especially during this time of year, we recognize how much we have. Gift drives, service projects and general good deeds are amplified throughout our daily lives. However, being grateful isn’t limited to just the holiday season. In fact, it should be a part of our daily interactions year-round.

A sense of cheeriness seems to permeate our society these days. A sense of happiness seems to give life to our daily interactions. Yes, much of the reason why there is so much cheer is rooted in outside influences. Every time we go to the mall, we hear Salvation Army bells. When we step outside, our neighbors are hanging up lights. However, we can do better than that. We are better than needing outside influences to motivate us to put a smile on someone’s face or perform an act of kindness.

In a way, the “holiday spirit” limits us in that we feel an obligation to do good during this time of year because factors around us match this attitude. On the contrary, we should do good because we want to, and we recognize how much we have rather than simply doing it because everything around us seems in place.  

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do good during the season, but simply we should recognize how we can help during the rest of the year.

In fact, the positive outcomes from the holiday season should inspire us to do good year-round. It sets a precedent for the good we are capable of doing and the gracious acts we are capable of partaking in.

A sense of spirit and heart all year should exist as there are always people that we can help in one way or another. Whether if it is simply giving a compliment or helping out at a food pantry, being nice is being nice. Limiting kindness and gratitude to only this time of year would simply be selfish.