The Unfinished Business of Childhood


I was sitting by my half decorated Christmas tree this evening and I could not help but think that in 16 days, 2016 will arrive. It is the year we have long awaited as the Class of 2016. It symbolizes graduation and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.

As a kid, I always pictured 2016 as my year to officially become “a grown up.” I am still unsure if it was the idea of turning 18 or going off to college, but if childhood has a deadline, 2016 was mine.

So, here we are, just a few weeks from 2016 and I am still not grown up. I like to color with crayons as much as I did at six. I still can’t survive a bad cold without my mom making soup and sometimes I even forget my multiplication tables. I am still a work in progress, a child at heart and, yet, 2016 is almost here. But that is the way it is supposed to be, right?

Senior year is not about figuring it all out. It is about going out and trying new things. It is about cherishing the sweet moments and coming together on the tough days. Sometimes, we get so caught up in college applications and our leadership roles, we forget that as seniors we are human, imperfect and constantly in progress. When we walk through Graduation Terrace in May, we will still be finding our passions and pushing our limits.

So, seniors let’s remember to still be a kid at times. There is no expiration date on childhood, crayons or a little TLC. Let your families hug you extra hard this holiday season and if you find yourself caught at the kids’ table, cherish the moment. Our very own 2016 is just around the corner; let it be full of childhood memory making and new beginnings.