Printing Limits

On Nov. 17, the technology department established printing limits. Now, students are only allowed to print 62 black and white pages and 7 colored pages per day. If a student needs to print more pages, they will need to forward the printing job to their teacher. This is in order to encourage students to be more conscious and decrease the amount of paper waste.

“Pick Me Ups”

Upper School math teacher Jessica Chu decided to create “pick-me-ups” for the faculty and staff by asking students to submit compliments and thank-you notes for them. Chu dis­tributed these notes during the week before holiday break. “I just wanted to do something that would make someone smile,” Chu said.

Poetry Out Loud

Twenty-one Upper School students participated in the qualifying round for Poetry Out Loud, a competition hosted by the Poetry Foun­dation and the National Endowment for the Arts featuring participants who memorize and recite poems in front of an audience, on Nov. 17. Six students went on to perform their poems during the Hockaday final round on Dec. 14. The winner will perform at the state finals in Austin on Feb. 27.

Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Six students and four teachers traveled to Tampa for the Student Diversity Leadership Conference from Dec. 3 to 5. Junior Sabah Shams attended the conference for the first time and learned a lot about herself and diversity in general. “I learned about how to create spaces for conversation about diversity, and how to get people involved in these conversations who aren’t always willing,” Shams said.