Humans of Hockaday: What about music inspires you?


Photos by Lucy Zhu

The Fourcast is introducing a new segment based off of the widely acclaimed series Humans of New York. Each issue a broad question will be presented, and the responses of a different group of Humans at Hockaday will be featured. This issue focuses on musicians.

Photos by Lucy Zhu
Photos by Lucy Zhu

Evan Michelle Miller (senior)

“The honesty of music. For example, I just don’t think that you can write a good song about heartbreak or lost love if you’ve never been heartbroken. Making music forces you to be honest about what you’re feeling, which is something that I personally would never do without music. You have to get in touch with your emotions, or every single note will sound forced or fake. I kind of love that though.”

Miller is co-president of Show Choir and has an album out called “Heiress.”


Allyson Guba (junior)

“For me, singing is a stress reliever. I [especially] like musical theatre because you can tell a story and affect people. You become the character, and so you’re not yourself in that moment. I don’t like being in front of large crowds. It helps me to become someone else. If I was just singing myself I would be a lot more nervous and uncomfortable. Part of it is that I actually hate hearing myself sing. Part of that is to be able to grow and learn from listening to yourself.”

Guba participates in musical theatre and has an album out called “Allyson Guba.”


Kaitlen Cerney (sophomore)

“The lyrics. Lyrics create a bond between the artist and the audience, and that is what I strive for most. I have always had music playing since the day I was born. My mom would play bands like The Smiths and Depeche Mode in order to get me to fall asleep. I write, record and produce my own songs, and I am working on setting up a record label. Every time I go to a concert, I always turn around to see the audience and imagine that that crowd will one day be there for me.”

Cerney has a band called “My Casual Weekend.”

dechoh5Lily Johnson (junor)

“Music inspires me to fine-tune my abilities and explore all the different genres and little corners of music to learn about other people and parts of culture. Music inspires me to be my best and follow my dreams. To me, music is everything; it plays constantly wherever I am. I constantly think, ‘How could I perform that?’ or ‘How could I arrange this?’ Music is my way of seeing the world and my way of making an impact.”

Johnson is the Vice President of Hockapella.

dechoh2Christine LeeFatt (senior)

“I love it. Been playing for years so it’s just a part of me. I believe that music is a language that everyone understands, so it’s a vital part of my daily routine. Music inspires me and that’s why I play. It’s calming and stress relieving and motivates me to do work. Without it, I would be a freak and stressed all the time.”

LeeFatt is the Hockaday Orchestra violin soloist and a First Violin in the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Philharmonic.