Daisy Duels


Juniors vs. JRP



As Holiday Break fast approaches, there is only one thing on the minds of the junior class – and it’s not the holidays. The due date for the infamous Junior Research Paper is finally upon them on December 18, and although it is silent, it is also deadly. These last few weeks consisted only of 14 Internet tabs pulled up but forgotten, documents within documents, tears and turmoil. Exhausted and overcome with relief, the juniors crawl desperately into hibernation, and intend to never utter the words “junior,” “research” and “paper” in the same sentence ever again.

Seniors vs. College Apps

seniors web

wall of acceptances web

It’s the Class of 2016’s final year at Hockaday. Every milestone that seemed insignificant in the past begins to take on a new importance because every moment counts. However, there is one thing that is currently keeping them from fully enjoying their senior year: college applications. The big question for many is still left unanswered. Where are they going to college? With frequent meetings with the college counselors and late-night espresso shots to finish those cruel and unusual supplements, the seniors have been through it all. But all the seniors before them have survived, so somehow they will too.

Boarders vs. the Morning Trek

boarders 1

boarder walkway 1

Although it is true that living on campus is convenient, boarders have their own morning battles that they must fight every day. While the long, narrow hallway that leads to the doors of the Residence Department appears to be within reach, when boarders are finally peeled from their beds and are ready to attend classes, this walk is anything but that. Boarders on Upper Morgan, in particular, are forced to go down the seemingly endless staircase, trudge through the bridge that connects the two halls, and then make the journey through the Middle School hallways to their class with eyes half open and minds still on snooze.