Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just a Millennial: New Year’s Resolutions


In honor of the New Year, I decided it would be best to kick off the year with a new and improved outlook on life. We, Millennials, are often regarded as materialistic narcissists with egos bigger than Kim Kardashian’s latest plastic surgery. I’m putting my foot down. No longer shall older generations accuse us of “ruining society and all future generations!” (Looking at you, baby boomers.) Here are a few things you can do to a) embrace your Millennialism and b) defy Millennial stereotypes.

number1Use social media…the right way. Don’t compare yourself to others. Don’t subtweet your friend because they hurt your feelings. Social media is an excellent platform to express identities, share opinions and spread news. But we need to be mindful of everyone’s feelings. Behind each post, tweet and photo lies a human being. At least be decent by trying to respect that.

number2Don’t hold back on modern day lingo. The other day Dean of Student Life Elizabeth Jones described her holiday break as very “lowkey.” I am highkey telling the truth. Millennialism is so addicting even our elders are catching on. (But then my dad tried to say “cray cray” in conversation and I had to excuse myself to go stick forks in my eyes.)

number3Embrace the selfie culture. It’s okay to be self-confident. It’s okay to love yourself. It’s okay to take pictures of yourself when you feel beautiful and when you feel ugly and when you feel weird. It’s not okay, however, to judge someone for having the self-confidence to be who they are.

number4Learn how to make and spend your own money. Because the baby boomers have basically ruined the economy for us, it’s up to us to take advantage of our own financial situations. If you haven’t had a job before, now’s the time. Even if you don’t think you need the money, it is extremely important to learn how to budget your savings before you go to college. You will be a lot better off (and a lot less broke) by doing so.

number5Educate yo’ self. If the baby boomers accuse you of ignorance, just whip out this handy dandy thing called a BRAIN and go OFF. So, read the news, stay up to date with the world, and eat your vegetables. When the time comes for a educational rant about the disappearance of the middle class or why pancakes are better than waffles, you’ll be ready. Nothing is more embarrassing than having your own gun pointed at you, figuratively speaking.

number6Care about the world you live in. As I have said like 99.6 times, Millennials are often accused of not caring about anyone except themselves. This is hogwash! I will not allow this jiggery-pokery to exist before my very eyes! I volunteer three to four times a week, am registered to vote, read the news every day and tweet my unsolicited opinions about said news (hit me up with that follow at @ethomas737, but fair warning – it contains unhealthy amounts of dry humor). Nevertheless, wayward Millennials do exist. There are some who say, “I shouldn’t vote, my opinion doesn’t matter” or “How can I make a difference all by myself?” Let me just say this: if you are a citizen of the United States, you are morally obligated to care about this country. It is our duty, as Millennials, to fix the problems of past generations to better the lives of those of future generations. We can’t do that if we don’t care.

number7Get off your phone every once in awhile. Because of technology, it is growing increasingly more difficult for Millennials to develop important social skills. I’m not saying you need to be phone-celibate for the rest of your life, but every so often, put away your phone. Stop texting during lunch; give your friends undivided attention. Avoid looking at your phone to avoid awkward run-in’s. Look up every once in awhile, because there’s more to life and a two-by-four inch screen.

number8Most importantly, be YOU. We all get heat for being who we are. Whether that’s gay, liberal, atheist, Muslim, republican, black or transgender, it can be hard to express our true identities in the 21st century. I’m here that no matter how horrible life makes you feel, you are not alone. Despite what you make believe, there are people who love you simply because you exist.

Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just a Millennial is a weekly column focusing on Millennial moments and mishaps. Written by Editor-in-Chief Erin Thomas. Opinions are not reflective of the Hockaday School, The Fourcast or its staff.

– Erin Thomas – Editor-in-Chief