Daisy in the Arts: Sadie Lidji


Senior Sadie Lidji’s YouTube channel, defense360, has nearly 3,500 subscribers and garners around 2,000 views per video. Read more about her YouTube career below.

How did you first get into YouTube?

When I was in sixth grade, I got really obsessed with stop motion animation. I started experimenting with it a lot and putting that on my YouTube channel. As time went on I started to delve into vlogging and the act of using YouTube to record my life, while also connecting to people.

How do you get ideas for videos?

I have a notebook that I always carry around and whenever a thought strikes me I’ll write it down and turn it into a video. Sometimes I just pick up my camera and vlog in the moment and edit it into a video later. I usually try to make it off the top of my head and turn that into a video. I also talk about my version of current events – like right now, I talk a lot about senior year.


What does defense360 mean?

Oh God, it’s so bad. So I said I started the channel when I was young, right? At the time, I really wanted to be sporty, which is kind of funny at this point because I have never really played a sport in my life. Anyway, at the time I was on a baby soccer team and I was the defense position. So I made my username “defense360” because I could defend 360 degrees around me. It’s so embarrassing but it’s really funny because it’s kind of my creative identity now. I wish I had a cooler story for it but yeah, 360-degrees defense. Nothing gets past me on the field.