Humans of Hockaday: What is your love story?


The Fourcast features a segment based off of the widely acclaimed series Humans of New York. Each issue a broad question is presented, and the responses of a different group of Humans at Hockaday are featured. This issue focuses on married couples at Hockaday.


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Provided by the Boureks, Powells, Kramers, and Gerberes

est. 1989

“For the longest time, I’d always look at him and think “I love you, I love you,” but I never told him. I’d always make him really good grilled cheese sandwiches. One Friday, I made him one. We had spent all afternoon playing cards. He asked me, “Hey, do you wanna go to Midnight Yell?” When they turned out the lights [at Midnight Yell], he kissed me, and I knew he was the one. We first met at a Friday the 13th dance. It may have been on Friday the 13th, but it was lucky for us.”

Terry Bourek,

Middle School Math Teacher


est. 1983

“I [Elayne Powell] used to babysit him for Rosie Mae Bell. But then he grew up, and I didn’t see him anymore. When I came back [to Hockaday], he was working there. I didn’t realize he was the game guy that I used to babysit. I even used to help him with his girlfriends haha. Then I guess, we just, you know, fell in love with each other.”

Elayne Powell,

Food Services Facilities Supervisor



“We went to London; I think that’s the one that always gets the girls. Then I took Mrs. Kramer to the Imperial War Museum, and I think that always throws students. When we got married, we didn’t tell anyone until right before we left, so when we got back to Hockaday, they made us walk across Graduation Terrace through a tunnel of field hockey sticks and other objects. Sort of corny, but nice.”

Steve Kramer,

Upper School History Department Chair


est. 1977

“He was very complimentary, and being so far away from home, he made me feel very special. He made me comfortable. He used to train horses, but in order for him to come and marry me in Argentina, he sold his horses to buy the ticket. He traded his three horses for me. How romantic is that?”

Marcela Gerber,

Lower School Spanish Teacher