Sincerely, Senior: Not Ready to Say Goodbye Yet


Time is running out. Last week marked the last 100 days of our time in these halls together. The college decisions are beginning to roll out quicker and quicker. The stress of exams and APs are slowly starting to build. We are in the home stretch, the final third of our time together.

So, maybe last week marked a new beginning- the beginning of our end at Hockaday. And, I have decided that I’m not ready yet. I am so incredibly excited to start a future full of dorm rooms and new cities and even a few scattered boys in class.  But for our last few weeks together, I just want to be us: the 123 familiar faces that know each other so well, our goofy, smiling selves. With no one to impress, let us be wholly us. Promise me, we can laugh at all those grade-wide jokes a few more times and have more killer jam sessions because I am not ready to say goodbye.

I like us. We grew together over the years and now we seem to fit into this really nice package that we call the Class of 2016. Our individual talents and strengths complement one another. In a few months we are going to go out into the world, stamped and molded with that Hockaday finesse, but on our own.

Whether Hockaday girls are just a few dorm rooms down the hall or thousands of miles away, things will be different and, yet, I am confident that some things will be the same. But we can worry about that when the time comes. For now, I am going to go pick out my favorite plaid skirt and enjoy every bit of this place with you all.

I am not ready to say goodbye yet so, thank goodness I do not have to for now.