Since the (ex)AM: Study Tips


Exams are approaching and the Fourcast has you covered with five simple but helpful tips and tricks to get you through March.

Take a break.

We know that studying for exams can be draining so don’t forget to take 30-45 minutes to exercise, watch your favorite tv show or dance it out. For every 55 minutes of studying, make sure to have a 5-10 minute study break so that your brain doesn’t explode!

number1Switch it up.

Studies have shown that studying in the same atmosphere can tire you out so we recommend hitting up some of your favorite studying spots. Some of ours include Starbucks, the Upper School library or the kitchen table, but try to stray away from your bed.

number2Om nom nom.

Stock up on some yummy but healthy snacks and drinks to keep you energized while studying. On the day of exams, make sure to have a nutritious and delicious breakfast by switching up your regular cereal or toaster waffle for scrambled eggs or yogurt and granola. Although it isn’t always the healthiest, sometimes everyone needs a little coffee so hit up your local Starbucks to get an iced coffee or a chai tea latte.

number3Get rid of distractions.

If you find yourself constantly checking GroupMe or the latest posts on Instagram, it might be time to put your phone on “do not disturb.” There’s nothing wrong with FaceTiming with friends to study, but make sure you use your time wisely. You can’t do it all so cut down on extracurriculars to free up your schedule for more studying!

number4Avoid the all-nighter.

Cramming is not the best idea so make a study schedule of each class to keep you organized and less stressed. Don’t stay up until the AM the nights before the exams. It’s better to get a good night’s rest so that your brain retains most of the information rather than be tired and struggling on that stoichiometry.

Exams, easy as pi.

– Aurelia Han – Staff Writer – Maria Harrison – Asst. Perspectives Editor