Sincerely, Senior: To the People that We Leave Behind


To the People that We Leave Behind,

The underclassmen who have inspired us, taught us and laughed with us, we thank you. These are the friendships that began in classrooms, on the field or in club meetings. They are not the people who have been next to our sides every step of the way, but rather the ones we have met along the journey. Perhaps, it was a friendship that was predetermined, a little sis that grew to be a great friend. Or, the sort of friendship that just happens by chance until one day they are a constant in our lives.

Thank you for listening to us talk about graduation and dresses and hats without complaining. You let us vent when things got tough. You were understanding when we were anxious about college applications, you were patient while we struggled through big decisions. I hope we provided the sort of example that was helpful, that was admirable. There were so many days that you were the example to us: the one who could laugh at the little things in life when we did not remember how.

In a few months, we will graduate and you will not be standing up there next to us. We will leave this place and you will stay. You will play in games that we do not get to pass you the ball and write articles that we do not get to edit. That is okay, it’s part of life. Your life is at a different point than ours. You have more to do at Hockaday and you are so equipped to make that imprint. You will make great leaders of this school, yet we are sad that we will not get to see you in those roles.

We will soon be heading off to college, but this is not the end of our friendships. Just because we are further away than a quick walk down the hall, does not mean we do not want to hear about your life. In May, you will watch as we sit in our white dresses and flower clad hats and you will cheer us on as we transition into the next phase of life. We may go away for a while, but in a short amount of time we will be back to sit and watch you as you take your seats under the pergola on Graduation Terrace.