Daisy in the Arts: Quinn Brodsky


Sophomore Quinn Brodsky is the lead singer in The Hey Heys, a band which plays both covers and original songs. With the band, Brodsky has performed at Gexa Energy Pavilion and The Curtain Club.

Can you tell me about the history of the band?

It used to be called Seven45, and the singer was this guy named Griffin Holtby. Griffin left to pursue his solo career. I wasn’t in the band, but I had been friends with the guys [in it] for a really long time. They said, “Hey, we need a singer; are you free?” and I was. I have no idea what Seven45 means – I mean, what if we played at 8:30? So we changed the name. I don’t exactly remember how we came up with The Hey Heys, but that’s what it ended up being.

Where do you get inspiration to write songs?

I’m a moody teenager – so emotions, people around me, the things that I see. You know how when you hear a song on the radio and it gets stuck in your head for a week? It’s kind of like that, but it’ll be with a string of four or five notes that are original. I’ll think, “Oh, those few notes sound cool together,” and I’ll hear that in my head for a while until I start building on it. It’s kind of a subconscious thing. I’ll then take it to the band and collaborate.

Would you consider singing for a career?

I want to be a physicist, so I guess I kind of see music as more of a hobby. I don’t even know if I’ll perform when I’m older. I definitely don’t see music as a career for me.