A Vegan Goodbye


As this is my final blog post for my sophomore year, I hope to leave my readers with a few things:

  • I wish that through my column these past few months you all have learned about what it means for me to live the vegan diet as a lifestyle.
  • I hope you learned that it means I leave the smallest possible footprint, cause the least amount of harm, and do the most amount of good for the world we live in. I hope you learned that it is what the human body truly wants and what works for millions of people across the world.
  • Throughout my quiz and satire, I hope you took away what it means to live out the vegan diet in a practical sense.
  • Through my analysis on the Dallas vegan scene, I wish you all realize how assessable vegan options are in our community but also how much room we have to grow.
  • I hope in following my writings you have become more educated on the why vegans choose to eat the way they do, down to the ands the milk and the honey.

Although I cannot promise this column will live on into my junior year (because I will be in New York in the fall with CityTerm), I can assure you that vegans at Hockaday will not fade into the background. Incoming senior and my sister, Abby Fuller, plans on creating an animal rights club in the fall, which will work to spread awareness of animal rights, educate on our small changes that can make a significant difference, host documentary screenings with vegan snacks and put on bake sales to show how vegan baking can be just as delicious.

Until our animal rights club meetings next January, I am signing off. I hope in the previous months, I have successfully provided you with, A Vegan’s View.

– Emily Fuller – Castoff Editor –