Razors Are Sexist, Too


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I don’t know about y’all, but shaving my legs is a gratifying feeling. Sure, the process is annoying, but the outcome is worth it. Nothing beats smooth legs.

But, after about four to six weeks of using a new razor, the blades rust and get dull. Sometimes, I literally have to dig my razor into my skin, and even that doesn’t work at the best of times.

If you are a female who shaves her legs, it’s highly likely that you empathize with my annoyance over women’s razors. Even though they come with those fancy soap thingies around the blade, I still notice the blades wearing out far sooner than I would hope.

Ladies, may I introduce you to the Gillette Fusion Manual Razor. At just over $10, this razor has FIVE blades instead of your standard three. It’s sleek and sharp, and it produces legs smoother than a baby’s butt with its precise razor design.

Did I mention that it’s also a men’s razor?

I have been using this razor about twice a week for the past month, and I can confidently say that this is one of the best purchases I have made in all my 18 years of living.

Allow me to elaborate:

  1. Manual men’s razors are (typically) cheaper than women’s razors. They are also far more effective.
  2. Men’s razors are built using aluminum steel, while women’s razors are plastic.
  3. They are smaller, making them easier to carry in cosmetic bags.

In short, women’s razors are an insult to the art of shaving legs. Men’s razors are cheaper AND better.

It’s not unknown that women face sexism buying cosmetic items. An analysis of hundreds of different products by The Times showed that women typically pay 37 percent more money – simply because they are women.

I’m not saying all women’s razors are bad, but I kind of am. Until cosmetic companies realize that sexism is costing women more money and pricklier legs, buy a men’s razor. You won’t regret it.
The review was written from the opinion of Erin Thomas, and is not reflective of the opinions of The Hockaday School, The Fourcast, it’s advisor or its staff.

– Erin Thomas – Editor-in-Chief