A Mother and Daughter Design Team


It wasn’t like the Bannisters weren’t already known for their style. Their one-of-a-kind California-style house in Preston Hollow has been featured in both D Home Magazine as well as lifestyle blog The Lush List. Recently, however, mother Kim and daughter Sawyer are making a name for themselves in the world of home décor.

In May of 2015, the mom and daughter duo launched The Sawyer Collection, a Lucite home accessory collection consisting of objets d’art that can serve as bookends, table pieces or simple statements for decoration. Today, their pieces can be found in 16 stores across the nation.

The two came up with the idea during a trip to California, while browsing through a vintage shop in Venice Beach. There, they found a Lucite accessory that would prompt them to start their own business.

“We were walking down the beach and Sawyer told me, ‘Mom, we could do this in cool shapes. We could do this with shells and other things. We could create this whole line,’” Kim recalled.

As a vacation served as the impetus for this business venture, it’s only fitting that the collection takes much inspiration from Kim and Sawyer’s travels.

“My mom and I like to travel a lot, so whenever we go on family vacations or vacations with just the two of us, we like to take time and look around and take pictures, drawing inspiration from colors and shapes and our travels,” Sawyer said.

Taking shells or other things they find on their journeys, the pair embed objects into the Lucite to create their pieces. In addition to embedment, The Sawyer Collection also includes color-infused Lucite. The pieces, each one uniquely hand-made in a factory through a two-three day process, give off an almost ethereal feel. Every object inside the Lucite seems to be caught in mid-air; every color has been captured in an almost cloud-like billow of emotion.

While their art is undeniably beautiful, the collection is also made special by the people behind it. Kim and Sawyer enhance the power behind each creation through the fact that they work as a mother and daughter team.

Jason Snider works in Sales at Mecox Gardens, one of the many stores that carries the collection. Snider believes that Kim and Sawyer’s close relationship helps their art greatly.

“Any artist can tell a story with their pieces, but the fact that they’re doing this as a family is really interesting and special to us,” Snider said. “We love that.”

Working as business partners has added a new front to the mother-daughter bond.

“You look at your child as your child, as your daughter,” Kim said. “But I’ve also had to step back and really see her as a person. It’s definitely been a learning experience.”

Kim and Sawyer’s styles, while individual, complement each other perfectly. Sawyer, being younger, is able to throw caution to the wind whilst staying grounded at the same time. Kim is unafraid to mix styles and colors. Both share a passion for design and art.

As a mother, Kim sees the business as especially important for her daughter.

“She’s really found her voice in a sophisticated manner,” Kim said. “You know, anything is possible, and you just have to keep trying. It’s something you can tell your child, to try new things, but this is the real world.”

To Kim, The Sawyer Collection is not simply a business – it’s an outlet and a way to express their passion for beautiful things.

“If you love something, there really are no rules,” Kim said. “If you love it and you’re passionate about it, then you want to have it around you.”

Sawyer sees the collection as not only a way for her to break into the design world, but also as a fun project with someone special.

“It’s something that I get to do with my mom,” Sawyer said. “It’s really fun.”

You can view their collection by going to their website, sawyercollection.com. The Sawyer Collection is sold in 16 stores nationwide. Seven of those stores are located in Dallas.