Two Seniors End on a Grand Note


Alumnae Jane Gu and Jessica Kong coined the practice of the senior musical recital last year, where girls celebrate their high school music careers and perform as Hockadaisies one last time. This year, two seniors musicians are continuing the tradition.

Hallie Gu and Christine Lee Fatt are holding the second Hockaday senior recital on May 26 from 1:30-3 p.m. in Hoffman Commons, establishing the recital as an annual event.

A pianist of 12 years, Hallie Gu has skillfully played the piano for the Hockaday orchestra since her freshman year and she is known for hitting all the right notes.She has competed in many competitions including the 2015 Texas State International Piano Competition and the 2015 Collin County Concerto Competition. She was also a finalist for the 2014 McKinney Young Artist Competition and won first place in the 2015 Texas Music Teachers Association 11th and 12th  grade Concerto Division Competition.

Lee Fatt has had her share of successes as well. She joined the Hockaday orchestra her junior year and has since become the orchestra’s co-president and first chair violinist. Lee Fatt has competed and performed at the Dallas Symphonic Festival multiple times.

It is fair to say that both Hallie Gu and lee Fatt have dedicated much of their time to music over the course of their careers.

As a disciplined musician, Hallie Gu sets aside two hours per day to practice her instrument.

“Music is a way to express yourself and communicate to your audience,” Hallie Gu said. “It taught me work ethic.”

When they made the decision to perform in a senior recital, both girls knew it would be a memorable way to end their high school careers on a high note, just like Jane Gu and Kong had done at the end of their senior year in 2015.

But their recital will be about more than just the music.

“We’re friends and wanted to do the recital together.” Hallie said, smiling.

Though the girls are not yet sure about the exact repertoire for the recital, they have decided on one piece.

“I’m definitely doing the Theme from Schindler’s List,”  a beaming Lee Fatt said.

The girls have received much support during their high school music careers, especially from director of the Hockaday orchestra, Ed Long.

“I’m certainly excited,” Long said, “We’re  proud of what they have accomplished and what they are giving back to the school from this.”