Help From Heidi: Trouble with Trios


Dear Heidi,

In my science class, we split into different groups of three each quarter. But one of the girls in my group never works. What should I do? I don’t want to tell the teacher.

Sincerely, Underappreciated Group Member

Dear Underappreciated Group Member,

Communication in any group setting is really important. If you want to avoid telling your teacher about the issue, start small and try to talk to the person directly. Express your concerns in a calm manner. Approach them, but be sure to let them share their side as well. If there is a serious issue preventing them from completing their portion of the work, compromise and reorganize the workload in a way that works for everyone. We all get busy, so it makes sense that we slip up every once in awhile.

However, if the member still simply refuses to do the work, I would highly suggest speaking with your teacher. While they may seem intimidating at first, teachers are a great resource in situations like this. Hope this helps!

Best wishes,