Hockaday Welcomes Academic Technology Specialist


After concurring that technology needed to be more integrated in the classroom, Hockaday hired Academic Technology Specialist Candace Townsley to aid in the school’s technology needs. 

Townsley’s job is to assure that technology is being used to the fullest potential in the classroom and to advise teachers on how to effectively achieve this goal. Since she is new and still finding her way, she spends a large portion of her day observing different teachers and their teaching styles so that she can offer her advice to them in the future.

“The teachers are very responsive and accepting of suggestions I give them,” Townsley said. “If they want to assign a technology project, I can teach it to them how to do it so they can teach their class or I can come teach the class myself.”

Her goal is to make student life easier and less stressful by incorporating fast paced and efficient technology into their lives. Townsley has already started to implement an idea to make signing into Form meeting easier.

“I created a Microsoft login and a QR code and you can scan it to sign in instead of taking the time to use a manual sign up sheet,” Townsley said.

Assistant Director of Technology and Lead Academic Coordinator George Hanlon admires Townsley’s enthusiasm when it comes to teaching and technology.

“She’s very nice, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, has a excitement about working with tech and working with teachers,” Hanlon said.

Help Desk technician Braxton Hall shares a similar opinion.

“I think she’s very passionate about what she does and loves to help other people out. She has already made a great impression on her colleagues and I’m sure that the students will love her as well,” Hall said. 

As she settles into her new environment, Townsley enjoys meeting students and forming relationships with them. Due to the fact that she does not teach any classes or have an advisory, Townsley feels that she is a little bit isolated from students and misses personal interaction with them.

“I feel like I can get into the flow with adults more than I can with the students because they only see me in the hallways and they don’t really know who I am,” Townsley said.

Although Townsley is still learning the ropes in her new job, she is adjusting to it and looks forward to her time at Hockaday.

The girls here are so polite and well behaved and I am thrilled to continue working with them,” Townsley said.

– Neha Dronamraju – Asst. A&E Editor –