Where’d She Get That?


Upper School Spanish Teacher and Form II Dean Alejandra Suárez provides insight into her wardrobe and the factors that affect her clothing.

Q: How would you describe your style?

A: I buy black, white, and beige so I can mix and match and combo. Things that are comfortable, but they can still dress you up for work.

Q: What are your favorite stores?

A: I change a lot, but I shop a lot at Banana Republic and the Limited. Outlets are amazing because I get the best clothes for the best prices. Shoes are probably my weakness. I love high heels for the work, but I love tennis shoes for the weekend.

Q: What’s your go to outfit?

A: It depends. For work, I wear black pants or black skirt with a neutral top. On the weekends, it’s shorts or pants and a T-shirt.

– Maria Harrison – Asst. Features Editor –