My Dear Friend, the College Board


Dear Heidi,

I am a junior, and I am super stressed about college. Should I be worried already?


Feeling Anxious


Dear Feeling Anxious ,

It’s perfectly normal to already feel overwhelmed by the whole college admissions process. The idea of picking where you want to be for the next four years will definitely not be an overnight decision. That being said, I promise you still have plenty of time to stress about college during your senior year (as I am doing currently).

Junior year is infamous for being a busy one, and it definitely lives up to its reputation. So instead of freaking out about the future, take each day step by step. Focus on completing the tasks in front of you, rather than stressing about the ones to come.

If you still feel unsettled, you can always stop by the College Counseling Office and ask any questions you may have. The counselors can be very helpful resources if you need any advice on what you can do looking ahead.

One suggestion I have for junior year is to start putting standardized testing on your mind if you haven’t already. While the SAT and ACT may seem daunting at first, being proactive will make it a lot easier for you senior year. That way, getting your testing done will be one less requirement to worry about.

And rest assured, when spring comes around, the college counselors will be meeting with your grade and working with each of you on starting to put college on your radar. When that time comes, you’ll know to start thinking ahead, But until then, try to relax and focus on keeping up with the inevitably rigorous curriculum that comes with junior year. You’ll have plenty of time to stress about college and get well acquainted with the College Board in the coming year, I promise.

Best wishes,


– Heidi Kim – Views Editor –