I Mustache You A Question


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Although we are constantly surrounded by a sea of models with tan, hairless legs and bodies, the month of November is a short 30 day period to put down that razor and embrace your body hair. No-shave-November is a time to raise cancer awareness by appreciating our own body hair, which many cancer patients lose, and donating the money you would typically spend on shaving.

Another commonly used term is “Movember”, with “Mo” being a reference to men growing out their mustaches in order to raise awareness about men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression in men. St. Mark’s allows their students to purchase a wristband for $10 that serves as a pass to grow out their facial hair, a practice St. Mark’s usually discourages. The funds from the wristband go to a charity to support testicular and prostate cancer.

As this is my fifth year attending Hockaday, I am now accustomed to the strange lack of attention paid towards outward appearances, usually only present at same-sex schools. For example, a leg that hasn’t been shaved for weeks now elicits an impressed reaction instead of a disgusted one, and it’s not uncommon to see girls with bare faces and messy buns.

The month of November doesn’t really disrupt any Hockaday student’s shaving schedules, since most of us do it so infrequently that it may seem like a month has passed since we last shaved. 

Those who participate in No-Shave November- and who can actually grow facial hair- are supporting a grand cause. This month is particularly tailored towards men’s cancer, so men are usually the ones who have the most fun with it, like growing their facial hair for a month and then shaving their facial hair into a funny mustache.

November is a time for acceptance of body hair and also supporting and raising awareness for cancer, specifically those apparent in men. While Hockaday students can’t really enjoy this as much as the students of St. Mark’s can, you would be hard pressed to find a someone who does not support this month’s fun tradition.

– Ponette Kim – Staff Writer