What’s New at Hockaday in 2011?

To start off the school year with a bang, the administration has implemented some new changes around school. Students are required to wear their I.D. on a Hockaday green or white lanyard (the color corresponds to each girl’s intermural team). As in previous years, the lanyard/I.D will be used to access spirit parties and other school-organized events.

In Middle School, girls have a new period in their schedule – flex-period. This 30 minute period, starting at 3:15 in the afternoon, offers girls the freedom of choosing their activity, be it music lessons, sports practice, study hall or early release. For athletes, practices now start at 3:30 and end half an hour earlier at 5 p.m. Late starts and early releases have been eliminated due to the schedule changes. Head of Middle School Linda Kramer said this free period provides the students with more flexibility, giving them time to de-stress.

Although the returning Hockadaisies are still acclimating, feelings are mixed about the changes brought on by the earlier dismissal. For the most part, however, girls find that it is a beneficial change. Sixth grader Sidney said, “I actually like it a lot. You get more time to do your homework and you get more time to visit with teachers.”

For Upper School girls, the cell phone policy has been updated to allow cell phone use during free, conference, passing and Y periods. Calls must be made outside. Check back with The Fourcast as we continue to update you with the changes of the 2011-2012 school year.

– Laura