Upper School Students or Mannequins? The World Will Never Know


This morning, Upper School students and faculty participated in “The Mannequin Challenge,” an internet trend that has been taking social media by storm. Students from all four grades gathered at Metzger Plaza during advisory to take part in Hockaday’s own version of the challenge.

The challenge consists of people uploading videos of themselves looking as if they are frozen like a “mannequin.” Many famous figures have attempted this challenge including Adele, The Dallas Cowboys, Destiny’s Child, Blac Chyna and Hillary Clinton.

Upper School Student Council President Joy Nesbitt organized the event.

“We [the student council] felt like it was right before the break and we wanted people to get involved and get excited,” Nesbitt said. ” We wanted to jump onto the bandwagon because a lot of other schools have been participating in the Mannequin Challenge.”

– Ashna Kumar – Web Editor –