Putting the A in DaNCE


After a successful reign on the top charts with their first album “Swaay,” DNCE is back with their self-titled album “DNCE,” and the group did not disappoint.

The album, which is titled after the band, captures the moxie of the group in a unique way; it talks about letting loose and having fun, and most importantly, never leaving the dance floor unless absolutely necessary.

The dance rock band made their debut in 2015 with their hit song “Cake by the Ocean,” which immediately drew in listeners with its catchy beat and alluded meaning. The group soon followed with its next hit “Toothbrush” and its most recent single “Body Moves,” which was a sneak peek of the newest album and released with a music video featuring steamy scenes of lead singer Joe Jonas dancing in an elevator.

DNCE’s music makes you want to get up and bust a move, truly doing justice to the group’s name.  And this album is no different. Every track has its own sense of character and would be an appropriate choice for a late Saturday night dance party or even a random jam session in a car on a Sunday afternoon.

But my favorite track by far on this album was “Blown.” After shuffling the album on Spotify, this song was the first to play, and I was immediately sold. It made me ready and ecstatic to hear the rest of the album. The song is infectious and ideal for anyone who likes a good old-school song. It’s so upbeat, you can practically imagine the band writing the song and still having a party while doing it.

“DNCE” was released on Nov. 18 and is available on Spotify and on iTunes for $10.99. I would highly recommend investing the 50 minutes to listen to it. Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire you to get up and D-N-C-E.

– Heidi Kim – Views Editor –