Getting Fit in the Big D


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Assistant Web Editor Cheryl Hao explores the best places to get a good workout in Dallas. 

The Bar Method

For this class, I went to the the Inwood Village location, which has the Juice Bar connected to it and sells Lululemon workout clothes, so can you waste more money after you finish this workout class. “Workout” is actually a very loose term, because one qualification for me to consider something a workout is that it must cause me to sweat, and the class at The Bar Method simply did not do so. The first aspect of the workout room that I noticed was that the floor was carpeted, which already made me uncomfortable. The class began with a lot of stretching, which I thought was the warm up until 25 minutes of the 60 minute workout class had passed. That’s when I realized that those repeated movements of lifting my knees 90 degrees and balancing on my toes were supposed to make me feel something. I do acknowledge that this class is probably for people who are already very slim and attend with the purpose of toning their already-present muscles, but really, the only difference between the result a walk in the park would give someone and the result of this class is that with the class, there’s no Vitamin C intake and it costs 25 dollars. 

1 star

$25 for the first class

5560 W. Lovers Ln.

Dallas, TX 75209


For more information and to book a class, visit

Terlingo Cycle

If there is every any question in your head about whether Terlingo Cycle or SoulCycle is the better indoor cycle destination, the answer is, was, and always will be Terlingo Cycle. In fact, John Terlingo, the founder, was employed at a SoulCycle location in California years ago, and used it as an example of what not to do when establishing an indoor cycle establishment. Compared to Soulcycle’s classes, the biggest difference is that Terlingo emphasizes intense endurance and sustainability versus Soulcycle’s emphasis on short sprints and lower pressure paddles in between the sprints, which does not help gain muscle and improve fitness like endurance practice does. Also, something extremely important to me and keeps me motivated during my workouts is music, and Terlingo’s music is much better than Soulcycle’s obnoxious EDM concert like playlist that always happens to be too loud. Lastly, when you take my advice and go to Terlingo instead of Soulcycle, you’ll be greeted by a familiar face, because NFL player Michael Sam’s ex-fiance Vito Cammisano works at the front desk.

Four Stars

$30 for a “ticket”

3105 Reagan St.

Dallas, TX 75219


For more information and to book a class, visit

The Pilates Barre

Just a tip: I was extremely eager to try pilates for the first time, so I arrived at exactly the time my class was started but wasn’t let in. It was quite the rookie mistake, but now I know that when going to pilates, arrive at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled to start because there are preliminary tasks to complete before you can even enter the pilates room, like purchasing grip socks and the pilates instructor also needs to show you the ropes (literally) on the pilates machine. The class itself was great, and by great I mean pretty difficult, but not as difficult as I’d expected. It would’ve be harder if I knew which rope to grab and where to position my feet and could get right into the movements without having to look at the people around me, but nonetheless, I broke a large sweat, and left satisfied enough to grab some Torchey’s Tacos on the way home.

Three stars

$15 for the first class

6815 Hillcrest Ave

Dallas, TX 75205


For more information and to book a class, visit

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