Help from Heidi: The Most [Not] Wonderful Time of Year


Dear Heidi,

How should I plan my time during these busy weeks in between Thanksgiving and Holiday Break?


Time Manager


Dear Time Manager,

While there are only three weeks in between these two major breaks, you’re right. They are anything but relaxing.

Teachers are going to be piling on work on top of one another, whether you’re a freshmen or even a senior. And trust me, with all the work you’re going to have to do, it’s going to be really tempting to put off your assignments for as long as possible. I am not going to tell you that in order to be successful you can’t procrastinate because the truth of the matter is, we all get sidetracked. It is more than okay to take a break and let yourself breathe.

You may have four major assessments one week coming up. You may have a problem set, a project and a lab due another. You may even have the Junior Research Paper looming over your head for the entire duration. But whatever it is, you’re going to get through it. Either way, you don’t really have a choice, right?

What helps me keep calm in times of high stress and panic is to throw myself into other activities. Keep yourself busy. That doesn’t necessarily mean doing only schoolwork. This could be anything from reading, listening to music or even knitting. Whatever makes you happy.

And the one piece of advice I cannot stress enough is to stay organized. I am one of many who often falls victim to the temptation to neglect this step, telling myself that it will take up too much time. But, committing half an hour or even 15 minutes to mapping out your schedule for the upcoming week really makes a difference.

Go on the Haiku calendar and write down all you have coming up in the next few weeks. Do what works for you. Color code, highlight, underline, bold. Take the time to lay out all your tasks in front of you. I know it probably will seem intimidating at first, but you have to conquer your fear cause there’s no avoiding it when the time comes around.

If you still feel like you’re too overwhelmed, as always, there is nothing wrong with asking for help. Talk to your teachers about your concerns, and they will help guide you through the process. If you enjoy working in groups, try meeting up with friends who have the same class as you and make a study group. Discussion aids

While these three weeks will seem like they are droning on and on as we suffer through each day, before you know it, we’ll be set free for two glorious weeks. Just hang in there.

Best wishes,


– Heidi Kim – Views Editor