Hockahome for the Holidays


The Boarding Department: it’s attached to the school, yet remains a complete mystery to such a large percentage of day students. If a student does not actually live on campus, there is little reason that one would ever venture back to this unfamiliar territory.

However, this ignorance is now being fought. This school year, the Hockahome for the Holidays program was created in order to acquaint day students with the Boarding Department.

From Dec. 5 to the 14, Upper School advisories were invited to go to the Boarding Department and briefly tour it as part of the program. The 41 upper school advisories were split up evenly among the eight days that the program ran. Over these eight days, each advisory spent one 20-minute advisory period in Boarding, eating the donuts and hot chocolate that were offered and visiting their advisee’s dorm room.  

Meshea Matthews, Director of Residence Life and Global Outreach, was the mastermind behind the project. Nearly three weeks ago, Matthews had the idea to create the Hockahome for the Holidays program. And in this short period of time, she was able to turn this mere idea into a reality.

Sophomore day student Sarah Ryan was one of many students who had never been in the dorms before participating in the program. The Hockahome for the Holidays program allowed her to explore the dorms and gain knowledge about the life of a boarder.

“I think it was an overall good experience for the day students to see what boarding it actually like and experience the sense of independence that they feel,” Ryan said.

During the times in which advisories visited the residential area, “donut trees” and hot chocolate were offered, both provided by the kitchen staff. 

Maria Sailale is a sophomore student and resident of Hockaday. She, along with the rest of her advisory, participated in the Hockahome for the Holidays program last week.

“I thought it was cool for [day students] to see where we live and how the program works and to have a better understanding of it,” Sailale said.

During a time frame of only eight days, all 41 advisories were able to visit the Boarding Department and, on a much smaller scale, experience what the life of a resident student is like.

“It’s a great opportunity to get everyone into the dorms, and show some behind the scenes things too, if you don’t come here regularly,” Matthews said.  

– Charlotte Dross – Staff Writer –