Where’d She Get That: Chief Financial Officer J.T. Coats


Chief Financial Officer JT Coats provides insight into her comfortable and functional wardrobe. Coats provides insight into her comfortable and functional wardrobe. Coats believes that it’s important to be modest and professional.

Lace black jacket from Clotheshorse Anonymous

“It has the greatest cut. I just started to appreciate the power of a jacket.”

Black blouse from Banana Republic

“[My clothing] has to look clean-cut, not fancy.”

Red straight-legged pants from Express

“I tend to like fun and splashy colors. I wear a lot of pants, because I am cold all the time.”

Anne Klein sporty rubber-soled wedges

“With them, I can climb stairs and run across campus. If I had to run a mile in these shoes, I could do it.”

Unknown necklace

“I like necklaces, but I hate bracelets because I can’t type with them on, and they bother me.”

What do you consider when you look for and buy clothes?

I really like the 80s with the preppy penny loafers, sweaters and khaki pants.

When you’re not working at Hockaday as the CFO, what do you like to wear?

If I’m not in work clothes, I’m almost always in work-out clothes like tights, long sweatshirts, hats and tennis shoes. Also, I want to be able to work out at any point if I get a break between soccer or lacrosse games.

Who’s your style icon(s)?

Reese Witherspoon. She’s always dressed conservatively but cool. She’s appropriate, fun and not over the top.

Maria Harrison – Assistant Features Editor