Trump, Don’t Mess with the Press


With every presidential election, the American public and the candidates can expect jokes and criticisms from late night talk shows and “Saturday Night Live,” a late night television show known for making fun of celebrities and politicians from time to time (actually pretty much every episode).

This year, SNL critiqued and mocked all presidential candidates: President-elect of the United States Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and even Bernie Sanders earlier in the race. Thus, presidential candidates, other politicians and celebrities in the spotlight should expect this from the talk show hosts and comedic skits.

In the SNL skits, actor Alec Baldwin took on the role of Trump. Yes, Baldwin did make fun of Trump, his appearance and his politics. But SNL also mocked Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, a cast member on SNL.

Upset by SNL’s performance of Trump, he decided to take his anger to Twitter showing his dissatisfaction with SNL and Baldwin. In one tweet, he shared his hope to “retire the boring and unfunny show.”



But what right does Trump have to shut down SNL?

None. The First Amendment in the Bill of Rights clearly states and gives freedom of speech and freedom of press, two rights highly valued in the United States, to the American people. If Trump doesn’t know of these freedoms, then I highly encourage him to learn some United States’ history before he takes on the role as leader of the United States.

Thus, whether he likes or dislikes SNL and other forms of media negatively speaking about him, Trump needs to learn that he cannot and should not take away those rights from American citizens. Every president has faced criticism and backlash in the media and in the news. However, they have not tried to shut down the press or limit freedom of speech.

As President of the United States, Trump will need to listen to the criticism in order to learn from it and grow as the leader of our nation. If he truly wants unity and to “make America great again,” then he will have to work with all American people to listen to their needs and their ideas.

– Maria Harrison – Asst. Features Editor –