The Amazing Race: Hockaday Boarding Edition


On Jan. 16, the Hockaday Residence Department set off on their annual Amazing Race, each hall looking to be the first to make it to the final mystery destination. The students were split up by hall, and each sported the colors on their hall lanyards. With the wave of a flag, the buses and suburbans set off to find the first location.

First stop: Klyde Warren Park

Clue: Find this 5 plus acre park in downtown Dallas

The goal was to find Gary Stollar, the International Programs Director, and receive instructions for the first activity. Each hall was to form a single line and create a human caterpillar while on their hands and knees on the park’s stage. Once a hall managed to form a complete circle, it was given the next clue to continue on.

Second stop: John F. Kennedy Memorial

Clue: Don’t get walled in, instead, ask what you can do for your country?

Just about every hall was stumped by this clue. While the halls all managed to find the location, the exact part of the memorial to search for was uncertain. Awaiting each of them was Hockaday volunteer LeeAnn Chen, who had three questions for them to answer correctly. Who was the 36th president? Lyndon B. Johnson. Where did JFK go to college? Princeton University. Which country did JFK propose to partner with for an expedition to the moon? Russia. Once these questions were answered correctly, the next clue was stated.

Third Stop: Pioneer Plaza

Clue: What does a convention center, a cemetery, and a cattle stampede have in common?

This stop required some careful stepping. The goal was to hold two people’s hands (who were not next to you) and untangle yourselves from the human pretzel. This proved quite time consuming.

Fourth stop: Giant Eyeball

Clue: The “giant eye” of Texas is upon you.

Each hall was to gather in front of the eyeball and sing the first line of UT Fight song. The key was to know the lyrics and be in unison. If not, the hall would have to start over.

Fifth stop: Zodiac Restaurant

Clue:  What’s your sign? Lunch at this restaurant in this flagship store has the best popovers ever!

Right across the street from the fourth stop, the halls found their next destination. Everyone ran into Neiman Marcus, desperate to find the Zodiac Restaurant, which was soon discovered to be on the sixth floor. Once there, the residents were to recite all the zodiac signs in order to receive the final clue.

Final destination: Pie Tap

Clue: 3.14 atp

Pie. Emporium Pies? ATP. Adenosine triphosphate? A high-energy molecule? After careful consideration, it was realized that ATP was to be unscrambled to create the words Pie Tap, the name of a pizza restaurant in the Knox-Henderson area.

The final results were as follows: Upper Trent, Upper Morgan, Lower Morgan, Lower Trent. All the halls celebrated the end of the day at Pie Tap and Wild about Harry’s.

Story by Heidi Kim – Views Editor

Video by Cheryl Hao – Assistant Web Editor