Seniors plan grade-wide sleepover

In seventh grade, students participate in a grade-wide lock-in, in which they watch movies, play games and sleep on the floor. Channeling the spirit and camaraderie of the event, the senior class plans on hosting a similar event on Feb. 16. The students will spend the night in the Hicks Meeting Room along with the chaperones composed of various senior advisers. According to Form IV President, Malini Naidu, the seniors discussed this idea at the end of junior year and decided to move forward with the event in order to provide “bonding activities that would be both meaningful and fun.”

Students kick off Chinese New Year in style

Lion dances, dumplings and rap marked the Chinese New Year celebration hosted by Hockaday on Jan. 29. The event developed as a way for Chinese boarders to celebrate the important holiday from halfway around the globe, and in order to host authentic festivities, students from both Hockaday and St. Mark’s choreographed dances and produced performances for their audience while members of the community prepared traditional Chinese dishes, such as dumplings, which symbolize good fortune.

Junior scores third win in Hockaday Brain Bee

“Name the peptide that accumulates in the senile plaques of brains of Alzheimer’s patients.” While many readers may not have a clue as to the answer to the following question, junior Christine Ji had to answer these types of questions on Jan. 14 during the third annual DFW Brain Bee in the school’s Idea Lab of the Margaret Doggett Crow Science Building. For her third consecutive year, Ji defeated her eight opponents in three rounds of questions about neuroscience. As the first place winner in the competition, Ji advanced to the national competition at the University of Maryland from March 13 to 19, where she previously placed 15th out of 52 competitors in 2016.

Genesis leader speaks on domestic violence

On Jan. 30, the CEO of Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support and Austin Street Center, Jan Langbein, addressed the Upper School about the epidemic of domestic violence and her work with Genesis Women’s Shelter. In her speech, Langbein discussed the signs that point to an abusive relationship, beginning a longer conversation that will continue with the upcoming presentations about dating violence sponsored by One Love, a foundation honoring University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love who was beaten to death by an ex-boyfriend. Langbein also acknowledged the progress of women in this country and the obstacles they have yet to face.

– Mary Orsak – Asst. News Editor –