Mavs’ NBA Championship Trophy, Coach, Owner Come to Hockaday

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Hockaday girls decked out in blue Mavericks gear celebrated the arrival of the NBA Championship Trophy along with owner Mark Cuban and head coach Rick Carlisle on Tuesday of this week. The congregation in Penson Gym (where the trophy was being displayed) started out civilized and controlled but quickly escalated into pandemonium as hundreds of girls rushed to caress the famed trophy. Cuban and Carlisle, accustomed to the chaos, handled the affair with aplomb, signing shirts, hats and shoes and taking pictures with adoring fans. After heartfelt speeches delivered by the both of them, newly inducted Eugene McDermot Headmistress Kim Wargo proposed a free throw contest among the Cuban, Carlisle and herself, offering a free dress day for the girls as the grand prize. Carlisle and Cuban made baskets after a few tries. Meanwhile, Wargo, tiny next to the exceedingly tall Carlisle, drew much support from the energized crowd as she tried and tried to score a free throw. After many close encounters and with Carlisle holding her stilettos, Wargo made one final jump and shot the ball perfectly through the hoop. The fan-filled bleachers erupted in fervent applause.

– Laura

Photos by Isabella