Didn’t Lose A Glass Slipper, But Almost Lost A Foot


While many of us enjoy the process of picking out our Winter Formal attire, perhaps the most satisfying part is finding that perfect pair of pumps to top it all off.

Stiletto, wedge, low, high, strappy, traditional. So many options to choose from. But there is one caveat to having shoes that make everyone gawk and swoon: a bruised, fractured foot by the end of the night.

At every dance, the majority of girls are known to take off their shoes as soon as they walk in, desperate to free themselves from the pinching, blistering pain that comes free of charge with a pair of trendy shoes. Everyone goes in, ready to take plenty of pictures and dance the night away. Then all of the sudden…Squish.

Some random, sweaty guy has stepped on your foot, completely consuming it with his black, size 11 dress shoe. You look down to find that your foot is bruised and bleeding.

When it comes to school dances, being stepped on has almost become an inevitable fate. In a survey conducted in the Upper School, out of 134 people, 84 percent of students alleged having an experience where they had their feet stepped on at a dance.

While heels seem like the more daunting enemies with their six-inch stilettos, the true menaces are male dress shoes. From the majority of students who cited having this kind of experience, 67 percent contributed their injuries to guys who kept their shoes on. But don’t be mistaken; heels cause their fair share of injury, at a good 21 percent.

So how do we solve this pedestrian epidemic? To the perpetrators of this crime, you might not feel comfortable walking around on the dirty floor of the venue. Totally understood. That being said, there are other, more feasible solutions.

Guys, consider not wearing your shoes. Possibly check them in with your jackets when you first enter the venue. Yes, we understand that your dress shoes were shined just for this event and are very expensive, but so are our Steve Madden heels. You’ll live. Do us this favor, please.

Another more drastic solution for girls out there: flats. Yes, you may think they are not as “fashionable,” but hey, at least you know they won’t break someone’s toes.

To the hosts, perhaps there are ways to promote going barefoot to these dances. How about socks or slippers? You can buy these very cheap and in bulk. It’s unlikely that students will be up for carrying a pair of spare shoes or socks; however, if footwear is provided, people will definitely take advantage.

And to everyone, before you race to the dance floor because the DJ is playing “Closer” by the Chainsmokers or before you frantically sprint to the center of the room for the “Sandstorm” beat drop, just try to remember to double check that someone’s foot isn’t under your shoe during this whole debacle.

– Heidi Kim – Views Editor –