Squeaky Clean: Where to Shop for Your Next Bath



There couldn’t be a best bath shoppes list without Lush! Lush, for those who don’t know, is a bath and cosmetics company that originated in the UK. They’re known for their array of cruelty-free and vegan bath products- especially their bath bombs! The packaging from Lush is simple and completely recyclable. Lush even offers a program called the 5 Pot Program- if you bring back five of their recyclable black pots, you get free face mask! My personal favorite product from Lush is the Rose Jam body wash, but it’s limited edition, so buy it while you can!

Witch Baby Soap

Witch Baby Soap is an indie bath company with some of the most unique products around. Established in October of 2013, their motto is “Get naked, do witchcraft.” They offer soaps, lotions, bath bombs, body scrubs and solid perfumes. True to the name, the company’s products are quite witchy. They offer tarot card soap, caffeomancy coffee scrub, an entire line called Blood and Milk and many other spooky bath products. If you want every bath to be a little spooky, I highly recommend something from Witch Baby.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body is a classic. Everyone and their mother has been shopping there since middle school. Getting your first Bath and Body Works body spray is a right of passage. Bath and Body Works has a huge selection and is always coming out with new scents and products. My personal favorite scents are “A Thousand Wishes,” “Mad About You,” and “Hello Beautiful.” They also carry a line of scents designed to help reduce stress, so if school has got you stressed (when does it not?) I highly recommend picking up a bottle or three of Stress-Relieving Lotion.

Frank Body

Based in Melbourne, Australia, you’ve probably seen Frank Body in your Instagram feed once or twice. Frank Body is known for their coffee-based body scrub, but they offer an array of products, from body scrubs to moisturizers. The company prides themselves in offering natural, effective products. So next time you see an Instagram girl with what appears to be dirt all over her body, just remember that it’s not dirt- it’s Frank’s!

– Ashlynn Long – Asst. Views Editor –